Terms and Conditions

Stay Deposits

All bookings will only be made after a 20% deposit of the total stay.
No reservation can be made without the deposit amount.

The remainder of the total amount must be paid on the day the dog arrives at the hotel.

If something unforeseen happens and you need to extend your trip (check availability) the additional amount must be paid when you pick up the dog.

The reservation deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable in all cases. There is also no credit for early returns (in case you return earlier than planned on your trip).

Day care reservations do not require advance payment.

Arrivals and departures with values and times

There is strictly no pick up or drop off on Sundays.

All dogs must be collected and dropped off during opening hours, Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm (always check availability as we have a very tight schedule).

The day care fee is 20€ per day, regardless of the time you bring or pick up your dog. The day care fee is €25 per day, regardless of what time you bring or pick up your dog, and is valid until the following day at 12pm. After 12pm, there is a charge of €20 for day care and the dog can stay until 6pm.


All dogs must have all vaccinations up to date including kennel cough with annual booster.

Please WhatsApp or email photo of puppy's vaccination proof. Kennel Cough should be administered with annual boosters. Remember your pet cannot enter our premises for 14 days after vaccination as they are not yet immune and may put other dogs at risk, this is for all vaccination renewals and first time vaccinations. 

Food and medication

Dog's own food must be provided (each dog may have allergies to other types of food so it is mandatory to provide their own food).

In case of allergies please advise before the stay or day care.

Meat, chicken etc. must be prepared and ready to handle.

Full feeding instructions for dogs must be confirmed prior to the dog's stay.

Additional Expenses

If your dog becomes ill or if the dog's state of health requires professional attention, we will contact you or your emergency contact before hiring any additional services.

In case of agreement or failure to reach the phone numbers listed, we will refer your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic.

All expenses, medications, consultations and other animal care, will be paid by us and must be reimbursed by the dog's owner at the end of his stay at the hotel.

We are not responsible for injuries, illnesses or sudden death that occur during your dog's stay at our dog hotel.

Information for stays and day care

⦁ All dogs must be neutered.

⦁ Puppies will be accepted from the age of five months.

⦁ Non-neutered puppies (check availability) will have an extra fee of 5€ per day in the stay.

⦁ All dogs must be vaccinated and present document that proves it.

⦁ Big dogs, Bull terriers and Staffies are not accepted at any age.

⦁ Deposits must be made to guarantee your reservation.

⦁ In case of forgetfulness or no notice of delay to pick up the dog there will be a fee of €10 extra on the final amount of your stay. (tolerance of 2hrs).

⦁ Pets may go home more tired than normal due to increased exercise received in our care.

⦁ Dogs may be out of their daily routine when they come home.

⦁ We recommend treating your dog for ticks and fleas before the stay or daycare.

⦁ It is recommended that pets who socialise regularly, receive worm treatment on a monthly basis.

Booking and collecting your dog at our facility, constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions advertised in this document.

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