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My name is Daiane, I'm 31 years old, I'm Brazilian, 2 years ago I lived in Portugal working as a dog Minder and I'm almost 3 years working on it in Dublin.

I have always been involved in the animal cause, had many animals at home and cared for the animals of my friends. So I have a lot of experience with animal care and thinking about them (because they are sensitive and most of the time do not like changes in the environment, getting very stressed when traveling), the idea of being a Pet Sitter arose. Being close to them, being able to interact, understanding their needs, giving love and affection is amazing, and it is a great pleasure to work with it.

Being Dog Minder involves a lot of care, affection, responsibility and a lot of love. Each small animal has a personality, a way of eating, sleeping, playing and we need to have a unique look at each one.

I live in a very quiet neighborhood with a beautiful and safe yard with lots of toys and obstacles for your dog play. Your dog will be very well looked after, with many places to walk and have fun.

I have first aid courses, study a lot about canine psychology and understand a lot about animal behavior because I study a lot about them daily.

If you have a dog and need to work, travel or go away for a few hours but do not know how to act in this situation, contact me. I take care in my own home, I do a lot of activity with them during the day and everything that is necessary so that your pet does not leave his own routine. Just contact me to inform about your dates and we will arrange a test day to know how it will feel here.

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.


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