Choose the best service for your pet

Dog boarding: 

Our accommodation services are differentiated, where we guarantee a totally familiar and safe environment for your dog that will have a constant supervision 24/7. The dog will be treated as if in his own home, socializing with other dogs and having fun all the time

We also have exercise routines, swimming pool, moments of rest, always prioritizing the welfare of animals. They are our priorities.

*We do not have any kind of kennel, all dogs must be sociable to live and sleep in the same environment.

Dog day care: 

In our daycare the dogs are loose 100% of the time and spend the day being accompanied by us, in addition they will have an intense socialization with other dogs and mental motor stimuli, so instead of spending the whole day idle, the dog will have activities such as intelligence games, treasure hunts, games, music, massage and affection. Always spending energy in a healthy and intelligent way so that they always feel happy and come home tired for a pleasant evening at your side.

Services indicated by reliable partners

Dog Walker:

Service made by professionals in order to walk with your dog, spend energy in a healthy and recreational way always thinking about the welfare of the animal.

The "walk" done without the help of a professional can harm the health of your dog. The professional needs certain knowledge such as knowing how to understand the animal instinct, have behavioural techniques, first aid, appropriate times, laws, among other factors can generate behavioral vices for not having limits, such as pulling the guide too much, attacking other dogs, other people, and other unwanted attitudes.

House Sitting:

The house sitting service works so that the professional sleeps in your home making company to the pet. In many cases it is a great option for reducing the stress that some more apprehensive animals may feel by leaving the environment they are used to as cats, reactive or nervous dogs. Thus, the animals maintain the same routine and due to the movement to treat them, the house is inhabited air in the absence of the owners.

*For cats, rodents, birds or reptiles.

Pet Sitting:

Pet sitting is the care service for your pet when the professional is only at the agreed times to care, clean waste and urine, feed and walk (when the pet is a dog). A Pet Sitter is responsible for ensuring that your pet is cared for and watched in your absence and in the comfort of your home. The animals are cared for by trained and specialized people in the area whenever their owners need to leave for only a few hours or reasons such as parties, trips or even work.

*For cats, rodents, birds or reptiles.

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